August 2018

In a tunnel drying process, dry and hot air is pushed at one end of the tunnel, is expulsed at the tunnel other end to be reheated and dried, and then is reintroduced in the tunnel to produce a closed circuit system. In such a system, the product to be dried is feed in the tunnel from one of its end as the production proceed and move along the tunnel as new product is added. In that process, several phases occurs during the product drying.

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July 2018

When the manager of a seafood processing plant is evaluating different options for a seafood processing equipment, yield is an important criteria.

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September 2017

This document relates to the processing activities of the Cucumaria Frondosa sea cucumber species. Sea cucumbers are found all around the globe as different species which differs in sizes, shapes and anatomical features. Some of the information described in this document might not apply to other species.

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